New FBI files

Updated Oct 17, 2014: Fixed the Google Drive link to the FBI files.

Diligent researcher morf13‘s persistence recently paid off: He received over 800 pages of never before seen material from FBI files on the Zodiac case. Click here to view all of the new documents (thanks, Mark, for uploading them). The files contain a wide variety of material related to persons of interest investigated for the Zodiac crimes. Inside the files you’ll see handwriting samples, letters, envelopes, crime reports, interview transcripts, emergency call logs, evidence analysis, and even a suspect’s day planner. The files also contain some unconfirmed Zodiac letters, and a lot of material related to Gareth Penn’s oft debunked theories about the killer and his codes.

This cryptanalyst’s conclusions about Gareth Penn’s strange code theories says it all:



Alas, that conclusion is reached all too often when analyzing the many claims that have emerged over the years.

And speaking of codes, here is one that appears in the files:



The files don’t seem to mention this code in any way. At first glance, it resembles a book cipher like the Beale ciphers. But Quicktrader on Morf’s forums was quick to point out the code’s resemblance to a Vigenère cipher matrix, due to the way the numbers repeat in an aligned pattern.

The matrix appears with a lot of other material, including handwriting samples, and this crossword puzzle:



Perhaps someone’s interest in puzzles aroused the suspicions of investigators.

Have a look at the new documents. Can you find anything interesting?