In his own words

Forum user 4on4off had an interesting idea: Why not run the Gutenberg crib search program again, but against the Zodiac’s own writings instead of the massive collection of books in the Gutenberg collection?

I ran the search, and it found a few matches. Here are the files containing the results:

Results for the 408 cipher
Results for the 340 cipher

In each file, the matches resulting in the highest Zkdecrypto scores are displayed first. Here is a sample line from one of the files:

37, 237, +yBX1*:49CE>VUZ5-+|c.3zBK(Op^.fMqG2Rc, RSEENSIGNEDYOURSTRULEYHEPLUNGEDHIMSEL, 15, 1.8402534E-5, {0 17} {2 23} {20 29} {19 36} , 2952.125, 79.78716

And here’s an explanation of the data format:

  • 37: Length of chunk
  • 237: Position of chunk. Positions start at 0.
  • +yBX1*:49CE>VUZ5-+|c.3zBK(Op^.fMqG2Rc: Transcription of cipher text chunk
  • 15: Number of unique letters in the plain text
  • 1.8402534E-5: Constraint difficulty. Lower values reflect higher difficulty (due to larger numbers of repeated symbols)
  • {0 17} {2 23} {20 29} {19 36}: Positions of repeated symbols, grouped into pairs
  • In the data for the 408, another value appears before the Zkdecrypto score, representing the proportion of characters in the solution that match the real known solution.
  • 2952.125: Zkdecrypto score
  • 79.78716: Zkdecrypto score divided by chunk length

What do you think? See anything interesting?