The Riddler in the upcoming Batman movie is based on the Zodiac Killer.

This new episode of Let’s Crack Zodiac started as a quick look at how the new Riddler and his ciphers compare to Zodiac, but then turned into a deep dive into many topics:

– The Riddler in the real FBI case files

  • Codebreaking tools
  • Zodiac-like characters and connections in vintage comics, TV shows, and movies
  • Codemaking and codebreaking in old comics, TV shows, and pulp fiction
  • Classical cryptography, secret decoder wheels, and other vintage crypto toys
  • The Mikado, and its connections to both Zodiac and Batman
  • And Ovaltine. 🙂

There’s something here for everyone!

Zodiac’s 340 cipher has been cracked for almost a year. But codebreakers continue to be baffled by two more unsolved ciphers by Zodiac. A French engineer was in the news for claiming to solve them.

What were his solutions? Watch this video for a detailed look.

A report on the recent news of an alleged breakthrough in the Zodiac case involving a new suspect. Let’s examine the evidence linking this suspect to the Zodiac crimes, including decipherments that use anagrams. Do anagrams reveal Zodiac’s secret plans and evidence?

Click below to download the slides from Episode 8, Sam’s presentation about how we solved Z340.

(p.s.: There is a cipher hidden somewhere in the slides)

Let’s Crack Zodiac: Episode 9 is out!
In this episode, we explore some random topics related to the 340 cipher:

    • How close did others get to solving it?
    • Hidden clues: Are they real or fake?
    • How did Zodiac make his cipher key?
    • Crypto tools

And some remaining mysteries about the cipher.

The new episode of Let’s Crack Zodiac has been released! It’s about the aftermath of the 340 solution. And how the cipher might have been created.

Last weekend, we solved the 340 and submitted it to the FBI. They have confirmed the solution. Authorities have spent the time since then making the appropriate notifications to the victims’ families. Now that the notification process is complete, we are announcing the solution in the latest episode of “Let’s Crack Zodiac”.

For a more detailed look at the story behind the solution, see this article:

The National Cryptologic Museum has been closed due to the pandemic, so they’ve been doing a series of online educational events. They invited me to give a lecture about the Zodiac ciphers.  Check it out in my latest episode of Let’s Crack Zodiac:

Topics include Zodiac’s crimes, letters, postcards, ciphers, mysterious symbols, and copycat ciphers.

Join me for a deep dive into the Zodiac Killer’s first mysterious cipher, as told through a combination of newspaper articles, police reports, FBI documents and books.  Learn about Zodiac’s crimes, his taunting letters, the mysterious cryptogram he sent to local newspapers, all the efforts to solve it, the breakthrough solution by the Hardens, the involvement of a prominent cryptographer, evidence and leads revealed in the police reports, cipher analysis by the FBI, unanswered questions, and much more!