Zodiac Killer documentary – Title Card

Karga 7, the production company behind the upcoming History channel documentary about the Zodiac Killer, posted a new title card for the show:

The ciphers are featured quite prominently in this series. Tune in to the History Channel this November 14th at 10PM to watch us on the code team dig into clues in the ciphers while working together with seasoned field investigators Sal LaBarbera and Ken Mains, as they chase the many clues in the Zodiac case.

Former FBI task force member and cold case detective Ken Mains (left), and retired LAPD homicide detective Sal LaBarbera (right)

The “Code Team”. Left to right: University of North Texas computer science professor Ryan Garlick, Google staff research scientist Sujith Ravi (seated), University of Southern California research director and computer science professor Kevin Knight (and the Code Team’s fearless leader), and York University math and cryptology professor Craig Bauer. I’m unfortunately out of frame in this shot. 🙂