My name is… Manto Mokhenea?

Deborah Silva unearthed these articles from May 1970 issues of the Oxnard Press Courier:

A woman claimed to have found the name “Manto Mokhenea” in the Zodiac’s unsolved “My name is” cipher.

The name doesn’t quite fit into the cipher (if you assume it is a substitution cipher like the 408). If you make an adjustment, such as “Monto” instead of “Manto”, then the letter counts are correct, but you have to shuffle the letters to make them fit into the cipher text. As we know, this approach is not useful, since it generates millions of possibilities that you can’t narrow down.

Still, I wonder where she got the name “Manto Mokhenea”. It looks more Hawaiian than Russian to me!

UPDATE: A reader points out: Manto Mokhenea – just looks like the “my name is” cipher backwards