Mobile codebreaking

This new Zodiac-related iPhone app was released recently by Rene Lowack:

Reveal the mysterious secret of the still unsolved encrypted Zodiac letter.

Zodiac was a serial killer active in California during the late 1960s and early 1970s. After killing, he wrote letters to local newspapers and demanded to publish them.
Some of them contained also encrypted messages. Only one of these cryptograms has been solved. The killer’s true identity is still unknown.

It’s time to reveal his secret now.

– Encrypted message 408 part 1 including solution
– Encrypted message 340 (still unsolved)
– Statistic view
– Current plaintext and substitutions
– Manual substitutions
– Randomized substitutions
– Background information

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Looks pretty basic, but maybe someone on the go will use it to stumble upon a solution.

The only other Zodiac-related mobile app that I know of is “DecodeTheZodiacCipher“, an Android application by Paul Zazzarino:

Attempt to solve the 340 cipher text posed by the Zodiac Killer.
This cipher has never been successfully solved. This software lets you interactively map either english or japanese characters to the zodiac cipher. Additionally you may attempt the FBI variant. App works on all form factored devices from small phones to extra large tablets as well as the Google TV platform. You may post your solution as well.


Both of those apps, and my little webtoy, assume the 340 cipher is purely a homophonic substitution cipher. But many folks believe there is something else going on with the cipher, making the solution remain out of reach all these years. So, perhaps one of these more general applications is needed:

Tools for encrypt or decrypt some cipher.
Contains: vigenere, mobile cipher, morse code, ascii code, binary code, oct code, hex code, base64 code, digital sum, reverse words or text, ROT cipher, roman numbers, braille decoder, fake text, front to back text, mathias sandorf, playfair.
Showing letters frequency. Solve text with all possible ciphers.
Another option is display cipher key for more cipher.
Alphabet, Letter frequency, Ascii table, Braille, Morse, Roman numbers, ROT13, Polish cross, Hebrew cross, Hebrew Atbash, Polybius, Mayan numbers, Vigenere, Semaphore, Mill, Spelling tables, Digits, Mathias Sandorf, prime numbers, Sumerian alphabet, Flags, Baconian …
Vibrate or play tone for morse code.

Cipher Cryptics is a simple text Encryption app. For those who do not know what encryption is: It is basically a digital version of the secret messages that everyone sends as kids.
Current Ciphers included:
-Caesarian Shift

In a time when big brother watches everything, one app holds the key: Ciphertext
A cipher is a secret or disguised way of writing; a code. Ciphertext allows you to encode and decode your secret messages using a wide variety of ciphers and then send them to your friends and confidonts using text message, email, barcodes, and more!
Current Ciphers:
Beale, Beaufort, Bifid, Book, Caesar, Columnar Transposition, Foursquare, Playfair, Rail Fence, Simple Substitution, Trifid, Trithemius, Twosquare, Vigenère
More to come including:
* The abilty to add books to the Book and Beale ciphers
* Better Honeycomb support with built-in information about each cipher
* Ability to send text to Ciphertext from the Share menu of any app that sends plaintext, including Ciphertext itself (endless ciphering!)
* History
* Recently Used List
Upcoming Ciphers:
Amsco, Autokey, Baconian, Bazeries, Cadenus, Checkerboard, CM Bifid, Digrafid, Feistel Cipher, Fractionated Morse, Grandpre, Grille, Gromark, Gronsfeld, Headlines, Hill Cipher, Homophonic, Interrupted Key, Key Phrase, Monome-Dinome, Morbin, Myszkowski, Niodemus, Nihilist Substitution, Nihilist Transposition, Null, Periodic Gromark, Phillips, Phillips-C, Phillips-RC, Pollux, Porta, Portax, Progressive Key, Quagmire I-IV, Ragbaby, Redefence, Running Key, Seriated Playfair, Slidefair, Swagman, Tridigital, Tri-square, Twin Bifid, Twin Trifid, Variant

Post a comment if you know of any other useful mobile apps!