Kevin Knight’s upcoming Voynich lecture

I love that we live in an age where university lectures are frequently made free for all to benefit from. From Nick Pelling’s consistently intriguing site comes news that Kevin Knight, the famed USC researcher whose team cracked an old enciphered German manuscript from the 18th century, and linguistic algorithms researcher Sravana Reddy will be giving a free lecture about the unsolved Voynich Manuscript at Stanford University at 4:15 PM PDT this Wednesday, March 13th.

More information about the lecture can be found here:

To attend the lecture, go to this site: When the lecture is underway, you can click the “join the live presentation” link, or just wait until the on-demand video is made available there.

Kevin Knight and his colleagues have a lot of very interesting work under their belts, helping to unlock old mysteries with new computational technologies. I look forward to hearing what they know about the Voynich Manuscript, and if their approaches might have any relevance to investigating the Zodiac cryptograms.