Mike Cole of ZodiacRevisited.com has released a tool that lets you create your own Zodiac-like cipher texts using homophonic substitution:

Cipher Generator.


I think this tool is very useful for creating test ciphers that can be fed into cipher solving tools such as zkdecrypto, Zodiac Decoder, and CryptoCrack. Give it a whirl!

The killer’s first cipher was solved rather quickly by amateur codebreakers because they guessed that the killer would use words such as “I” and “kill”. Can similar guesswork help us solve the unsolved 340-character cipher? This is something people have been trying for years. But nobody has yet unlocked the mystery.

Zodiac sent many letters over the years, taunting the public about his crimes. From this collection of plain text, we can see what words he really likes to use in his writings.

Here are the results of an experiment that uses an algorithm to detect phrases and words that repeat in his writings. Perhaps somewhere among the results is something that might appear in the real solution of the 340-character cipher, if it indeed contains one.

Welcome to the Zodiac Ciphers blog.  Here I will try to post all the latest news on efforts to solve the mysterious Zodiac ciphers, which, with only one exception, have remained unsolved for over 40 years.

The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who claimed several victims in Northern California in the 1960s and 1970s.  He terrorized the area with his crimes, letters, and taunts, and has never been caught.  Some of his letters included mysterious cryptograms.  Only one has been solved definitively.  Do the rest of them contain any real messages?  If so, would they shed any light at all on the identity of the mysterious killer?

Read more about the Zodiac Killer here.

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