What is Zodiac’s 340-character cipher?

Earlier this month I gave a talk about Zodiac’s unsolved 340-character cipher at the annual convention of the American Cryptogram Association in Hendersonville, NC. It is full of things I’ve learned over the years about the cipher. My goal was…

S.F. Examiner article about Z340

Newspapers.com recently added more old issues of the S.F. Examiner newspaper to its archives. I found this old article about Z340. I’ve never seen it before!

Are the ciphers gibberish?

Someone on Quora asked, “How do people know that the Zodiac Killer’s cyphers aren’t just gibberish that have no real meaning?” I responded with the following article which I also posted on Quora: There are four total ciphers: Z408, Z340,…

Real Story of Zodiac

Reelz is airing a new episode of Real Story of…, a docu-series that “unpicks fact from fiction with interviews from the real people behind these extraordinary events”. I was interviewed briefly about the Zodiac’s ciphers. Let’s see if they included…

“Behind True Crime” Podcast

Catch me and fellow Code Team member Ryan Garlick on the “Behind True Crime” podcast, where we chat about the Zodiac case and the ciphers:

Craig Bauer’s solution to Z340

The finale of “The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer” features code team member Craig Bauer’s solution to Z340 which made quite a splash in Zodiac and crypto communities. Much has been written about it on other sites already so I’ll…

New online tool: Cipher Explorer

In my forum posts and presentations I’ve often needed a way to mark up Zodiac’s ciphers to communicate ideas about them. Forum member Largo created an excellent Zodiac ciphers font which made it possible for me to make a web-based…

Episode one is a hit

The first episode of “The Hunt for The Zodiac Killer” made a big splash and scored almost 1.4 million viewers when it aired this past Tuesday: Check out some of the reactions from Michael Butterfield, Tom Voigt, and Nick Pelling….

Craig Bauer: Attacking the Zodiac Killer

Code team member Craig Bauer talks about his experiences during “The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer”: Attacking the Zodiac Killer My lips are sealed as to what happened (why ruin the suspense?), but the show premieres Tuesday November 14, 2017…

Code breakers unite!