Let’s Crack Zodiac – Episode 2 – Bigrams

Is Zodiac’s unsolved cipher a hoax, or does it have a real message? Let’s investigate some possible clues, in Episode 2 of “Let’s Crack Zodiac”: ¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyH9-AHz-HY

Let’s Crack Zodiac – Episode 1 – Graysmith

Quarantine inspired me to create a new video series on Youtube. It’s called “Let’s Crack Zodiac”. True crime meets classical cryptography. Episode 1: Graysmith Almost 35 years ago, Robert Graysmith published his blockbuster book, “Zodiac”, and claimed to solve a…


Here’s a great conversation I had with Michael Butterfield for the first episode of his podcast, “Zodiac: A to Z”:

HistoCrypt 2019 – Really good papers

HistoCrypt 2019, an annual conference on historical cryptology, convenes this week. The proceedings have been published and include many fascinating papers: http://www.ep.liu.se/ecp/158/ecp19158.pdf Those here who like to tinker with solvers and the Zodiac ciphers need to read these: Nils Kopal,…

Very Scary People – “I Am Zodiac”

Here is the latest trailer for the upcoming Zodiac-focused episode of “Very Scary People”, hosted by Donnie Wahlberg: HLN interviewed many folks for this show, including me for the cipher-related material. Apparently the episode is split between two episodes, so…

The problem with many cipher “solutions”

Zodiac invades French McDonald’s?

I’m getting a real Zodiac vibe from these French ads for the “Megamac” burger from McDonalds. https://twitter.com/Megamacisback/

Mysteries at the Museum – Zodiac Killer special

Here are three promos from the Zodiac Killer special episode of Mysteries at the Museum, a popular show on the Travel Channel: Description: In the late 60s and early 70s, the San Francisco Bay area was terrorized by a killer…

What is Zodiac’s 340-character cipher?

Earlier this month I gave a talk about Zodiac’s unsolved 340-character cipher at the annual convention of the American Cryptogram Association in Hendersonville, NC. It is full of things I’ve learned over the years about the cipher. My goal was…

S.F. Examiner article about Z340

Newspapers.com recently added more old issues of the S.F. Examiner newspaper to its archives. I found this old article about Z340. I’ve never seen it before!