Here’s a great conversation I had with Michael Butterfield for the first episode of his podcast, “Zodiac: A to Z”:

HistoCrypt 2019 – Really good papers

HistoCrypt 2019, an annual conference on historical cryptology, convenes this week. The proceedings have been published and include many fascinating papers: http://www.ep.liu.se/ecp/158/ecp19158.pdf Those here who like to tinker with solvers and the Zodiac ciphers need to read these: Nils Kopal,…

Very Scary People – “I Am Zodiac”

Here is the latest trailer for the upcoming Zodiac-focused episode of “Very Scary People”, hosted by Donnie Wahlberg: HLN interviewed many folks for this show, including me for the cipher-related material. Apparently the episode is split between two episodes, so…

The problem with many cipher “solutions”